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Matched Betting - The Ultimate Guide

There are different online money earning opportunities. When I said opportunities, I mean marvellous events that don’t turn out in the conventional experience you would hope for. Nobody would ever believe you can get non-risk profit in betting, but the fact is that it is possible and that’s where Matched Betting comes into play.

The major belief is that opportunities come along just once, but the fact is opportunities surround us every day. Matched betting is one of these such opportunities, and in this write-up, I will explicitly explain what this opportunity entails. I’d recommend signing up to Profit Accumulator; they can talk you through the process and guide you to making money quickly and with me you can get 50% off your first month

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting, which is also known as lay bet matching, is a risk-free betting method where you basically leverage on the free bets offered by bookmakers. This betting method is deemed risk-free because it is not really based on chances or probability but the application of maths equation. Bookmakers are companies (online or shops) that accept bets majorly on professional sports events (such as football), they offer odds and they pay off winnings based on the odds agreed upon.

How does it work?

You have probably seen bookmakers welcome offer adverts on tv, in most cases, they tell you to deposit a certain amount of money and in return, you will get a free amount of bet. This free bet is what basically brings the profit, if well utilised. There are many bookmakers that offer free bets, which means a lot of money can be made.

This is not gambling as it would not be based on chances. Practically, what is behind the idea of matched betting is to bet on both outcomes. In the sense that we can bet on Brazil to win and also to lose (mostly on different platforms).

You don’t necessarily need to know all the betting terms before you start earning through matched betting, but it’s necessary that you have some basic ideas of betting. you won’t jump into an opportunity you don’t have an idea about, right?


Just like its lexical meaning but expressed in figures. It is the probability of an event occurring. The higher the chance of an event happening, the lower the odds and vice versa.

Back bet

It’s more like supporting an event, here you simply bet for a team to win. For example, I bet £10 that Brazil to win. so, if Brazil wins, I also win my bet, but if Brazil draws or loses, I also lose my bet.

Lay bet

This is simply when you bet against a team or an event. Let's say I bet £10 that Brazil will not win. If Brazil loses, then I win, but if Brazil draws or wins then I lose.

So, the idea of matched betting is to find the best odds that we can bet on both outcomes, guess what, there are tools available for finding the best odds, you don’t have to be a betting guru to match bet,.So after betting on both outcomes, you win back your money and automatically get qualified for the free bet offer. Now you can use your free bets and repeat the method of placing your back bet and lay bet using your free bet and cash out your winnings!

How much can you earn through it?

Some interesting facts about Matched Betting is that it is tax-free and except for the little commissions bet exchangers charge, you can have almost your full earnings for yourself. There is no doubt that’s it’s highly profitable.

The profit you can actually make depends on two main factors that determines how much you can earn.

Time invested and the initial capital matters, your level of earnings depends on the significant amount of time you spend on it and how much your capital is, the bigger the capital, the bigger the chances of earning big. On average people earn up to £500-£600 monthly just by spending up to 5 hours weekly. This shows that matched betting is a side hustle you should consider.

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