• Luke Mckenzie

Top 9 Ways to Save Money in the UK

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket – Will Rogers

Aren’t you tired of seeing the empty pockets and blowing all the money on the nonessential stuff and junk food deliveries? The thing is not all of us do, but still saving money is important for the future and can help you in the brightest as well as the darkest times. Here are some tips and tricks and hacks that can help you save money without much effort.

1. Track Your Expenses

Jot down all of the monthly expenses and mark all the essentials that you need. This will help you build the realization of all of the unnecessary stuff you spend money on; trust me, it's really helpful to spend money wisely.

2. Control your Shopping Itch

It’s the hardest thing to do but does wonders. Have you ever regretted buying the full price stuff and on the next visit to those shiny, brightest store seeing that everything is on Flat 50% off? The feeling is exactly equal to heart breakage. So it's wise to shop when the brands or local shops are giving discounts, and save almost half of the money.

3. Don’t Waste Money on Deliveries.

The advice is legit; it is estimated that us Brits spend almost 9 billion pounds on takeaway every year. How much you can save, just imagine!!

4. Get full Benefit of the internet.

We live in the internet era, their many sites that give the everyday items in cheap and huge discounted prices on deals, which is the best way to get the reliable and good quality product without spending a handful of pounds, check my cashback page for some deals!

5. Review the Subscription History

If you haven’t checked it for a while, then do it now. Cancel all the additional channels or Netflix or any other program you don’t watch. It is kinda stupid to waste money each month for nothing.

6. Practice the no extra spending Month

Design a schedule for annual expenditure and practice a no extra spending month after two or three months. Cover all your essential spending and take a vow to save money with the help of this practice.

7. Be Skilled

A skilled man never sleeps hungry. This quote teaches us that being skilled in the current crises is vital. So online earning is always the best option; it works just like if you’re good at something, never do it for free. Being skilled can help you utilize your time efficiently as well as net the biggest cashback gains.

8. Switch Suppliers

It is estimated that you can save up to £300 a year by switching to a better gas and energy deal in the UK. If you haven’t think about doing it, now is the time!

9. Make Payday a no spending day.

According to Nationwide’s Payday Saveday Survey, 1 in 5 people spend half of their spare monthly wages within 48 hours of getting paid. So don’t be that 1 person and consume sensibly.

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