• Luke Mckenzie

Why is working from home is better than being stuck in an office?

Chances are that you have had to work from home at some point during the write-off of this 2020 year. Chances are also that you have probably wished for your little cubicle in the back of the big open office space so that you can stare at the people at the water fountain? Yeah we see you and your ways. Why would you want to go back to the office when working from home is clearly superior?

Working from home means pants are optional, if you need to attend a conference call dress up your top half and let it all hang loose on the bottom. Working from home also means pants are optional, and so is make up. Actually come to think of it, working from home means general personal hygiene is optional. However, it is still good to run a brush through your mane, run through a shower an slap some toothpaste in your mouth every few days. Just to keep up with the illusion of giving a crap.

Ever thought of what your productivity would look like if you drank a glass of wine while working, you know, to take the edge off? Well, grab a glass and get cracking. Wine and work could make for interesting meetings. Speaking of productivity, working from home means that you rule your own time. Not ready for that kind of responsibility? Well, suck it up. You can sleep a little later, start at a reasonable hour (in this case reasonable is after midday) and finish a little later. Some might call it flexitime.

Working from home unfortunately also means that you get to spend all day with your cat, who you thought was a evil genius, but it just turns out he sleeps all day long. Go figure.

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